Asian Utility Week is a large scale exhibition and conference that is focused on bringing innovations in Smart Grids strategy to Asian utilities. It is a sister event to European Utility Week and part of the Global Utility Week series that is the largest event series of its kind in the world. It used to be that the Smart Grid was very much a Western phenomenon. It was the game played by the cash rich utilities with big budgets for innovation and strong government funding. But all that is changing.

As of 2015, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, China has overtaken the US as a smart grid technology buyer. Japan, Korea and India together roughly match France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom in terms of Smart Grid spend but the projections for future growth put Asia well ahead of everybody. Asia’s emerging markets within South East Asia are now on board with major AMI trials and strategic roll outs in Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia. They are testing vendors to match local needs with international solutions.

Of course this is true for any region embarking on a smart grid programme. But what makes Asia special and worthy of Smart Grid investment and marketing development is its exponential energy need, its booming middle class populations, and its ability to deliver high tech solutions. Asia is experiencing huge energy demand from a manufacturing base that is hungry for power and now clearly entrenched as the world’s manufacturing HQ. Asia also has a massive far flung population that is pushing for more energy independence. So it requires maximum efficiency and renewable integration strategies for which the Smart Grid is ideal.

Asia is perfectly posed to be the partners of choice for Western utilities and international vendors who seek to diversify their portfolios and take a stake in the world’s new superpowers. It could be ideal for Western utilities who face home-market energy use reduction and who seek cost recovery from expensive R&D programmes. Proven international brands are always popular in Asia.

So, what's the focus in 2016?

Asian Utility Week 2016 is dedicated to innovations in the utility technology space with a special focus on customer-facing infrastructure. This includes the eco-system around AMI, Smart Sensors-IOT, Customer and Enterprise Analytics, Digital Engagement-Experience, Residential Solar + Storage, Community Microgrids, and Next Generation Communication Networks including the Connected Home. The event also includes innovations in Smart Grid Automation, Distributed Generation Integration, Asset Management and Smart Cities to assist utility leaders to realise more value from their Smart Grid investments.

Key Issues - Building the Digital Utility Advantage

While it’s true that emerging Asia’s utilities are behind in terms of Smart Grid developments, the developed Asian countries feature world leading utility infrastructure. However regardless of where the utility sits in terms of the Smart Grid evolution, the utility management and engineers are still very interested to learn about what is new in terms of global technology solutions. They want to ensure that they are future grid ready and will be quick to use proven cost effective technology that gives them a slingshot advantage.

It’s important to know that our event is very specific. We are primarily interested in the ICT and GIS related strategies related to AMI and the Smart Grid’s evolving Architecture. In this regard we are unique and we like it that way. This means our Smart Grid focus is upon the distribution network and retail sides of the electrical utility business. However, we also have relevance to other utilities including IPPs and water players in terms of our general ICT architecture discussions which forms at least half of our event structure. The concept of the Connected Enterprise – bringing together IT and OT issues for improved operational efficiency is really the over-arching theme that is woven into every session. It is an essential utility business model game-changer.

While we do touch on T&D strategies, and feature strongly new service/technology innovations such as residential solar + storage following Smart Grid global trends, our event is focused most on strategies and technology that concern:

  • AMI and Smart Sensors Data Measurement
  • Data Analytics Platforms and New Digital Strategies
  • Customer Engagement and IT-Mobile Servicing
  • Grid Edge and New Energy Network Integration
  • Connected Utility Asset Management Systems
  • Profit-Service Innovations: Smart City and IOT

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