Asian Utility Week 2016 is dedicated to innovations in the utility technology space with a special focus on customer-facing infrastructure. This includes the eco-system around AMISmart Sensors-IOTCustomer and Enterprise AnalyticsDigital Engagement-ExperienceResidential Solar + StorageCommunity Microgrids, and Next Generation Communication Networks including the Connected Home. The event also includes innovations in Smart Grid AutomationDistributed Generation IntegrationAsset Management and Smart Cities to assist utility leaders to realise more value from their Smart Grid investments.

If we had to nominate 3 things that characterise our new content this year, it would be:

  • Customer-centric Focus
    Creating customer centric business models and new profi t strategies. Progressive utility leaders have realized that "getting closer to the customer" is crucial to growth. Both business buyers and consumers have more choices than ever before, empowered by online and mobile channels that provide more ways to buy, give and get recommendations, and talk back to companies. Today's customer won't hesitate to walk away from an established utility relationship that doesn't meet their needs. This shift in business models is transformational for most utilities and represents a radical departure from traditional approaches. The shift in focus includes offering new services such as residential solar and storage – a strategy that some say will further undermine traditional business. We feature local and international utility specialists who have made the leap and have proven that it’s profitable!

  • Expanding Intelligent Networks
    Maximising intelligent network architecture and new technology opportunities. The Internet of Things (IoT) is causing a signifi cant change in the utilities industry. With a global focus on energy efficiency, conservation of energy and water sources, and reduction of carbon emissions, the industry is opting for intelligent assets, grids, sensors, meters, and appliances to enhance the interaction between assets, products, and people. The IoT is at the center of this transformation. It connects assets, people, products, and services tostreamline the fl ow of information, enable real-time decisions, heighten asset performance, mitigate supply chain risks, empower people, and help ensure product quality and consistency. In time, the IoT will touch nearly every area of utility operations and customer engagement. We feature speakers from across the utility value chain who show how the IoT will help transform your business model and dictate your technology strategy.

  • Developing Analytics Platforms
    Reaping the benefi ts of smart analytic platforms to improve operations and effi ciency. Smart analytics leaders are overcoming skepticism and gaining utility executive advocates by first tackling small projects that yield impressive and measurable results. Projects that demonstrate analytics’ ability to improve competitive positioning help these initiatives gain traction across the utility enterprise. Smart analytic platforms offer compelling business benefits and value that organizations cannot afford to ignore including cost savings, improved revenues and opportunities to innovate. The innovation of services is especially interesting for utilities. Utilities can benefi t from new revenue streams generated by new business models and services, as well as reduced time to market and increased returns from their R&D investments. We profile examples of how this process works.

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